About the ImmunoHub

As immune checkpoint inhibitors are employed in a wider array of tumor types, a range of immune-related adverse events (irAEs) are being recognized. Some of these toxicities can be difficult to diagnose, complex to manage, and potentially persistent throughout a patient’s life. These toxicities differ completely from those associated with chemotherapy, with which oncology care providers are more familiar.  Therefore, there is a need for knowledge transfer from experts within the immuno-oncology research community to the community-based practitioners now utilizing immune-based therapies across tumor types.

The Immunohub contains a range of resources to help all members of the health care team–health care providers, patients, and their caregivers–improve outcomes with immunotherapy. Whether it’s care step pathways, provider toolkits, patient materials, videos, education, resources by tumor types–you can find the information you need here at Immunohub.

Immunohub is a product of Terranova Medica, LLC. It is produced in collaboration with Integrita Healthcare Education Foundation, LLC.