Healthcare Disparities: Video Discussion

In this series of videos, Lisa Ha, MSN, APRN, CNP, from Northwestern University Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, and Massey Nematollahi, RN, MScN, CNS, CON©, OCN,®, Immuno-Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist at William Osler Health System in Ontario, Canada, discuss healthcare disparities in patients receiving checkpoint inhibitors. They provide strategies to overcome barriers to care and provide culturally competent education for immune-related adverse event (irAE) management. We hope you find this content helpful in your efforts to optimize the outcomes from immunotherapy for every patient.


Healthcare disparities in oncology


Healthcare disparities in immuno-oncology


Impact of COVID-19 on healthcare disparities


Impact of disparities on clinical-trial enrollment


Experience with irAEs in different populations


Culturally-competent education regarding irAEs


Encouraging irAE reporting

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