Expert Nurse
Avatar photoKrista Rubin

    This is a very timely question. As a consequence of the release of the practice changing adjuvant therapy data surrounding nivolumab, the volume in our practice has dramatically increased in the past few months. This in turn leads to a busier infusion/treatment center.

    We have been administering ipi over 30 minutes (the 3mg/kg dose) for over a year. We have not seen any increase in infusion reactions.

    We have NOT yet switched to nivo over 30 minutes, however, we are hoping to do so very soon. This is based on a fair amount of published literature demonstrating safety for both ipi + nivo over 30 minutes. I do believe 30 minutes will soon be the “standard” for both ipi + nivo very very soon.

    Would love to hear what others are doing in their practices.