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    In your patients receiving therapy, how do you coordinate with the patient’s PCP for routine health maintenance issues? Or do you essentially become the primary care provider?

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    Avatar photoLisa Kottschade

      Hi Lisa-

      This is a great question. In my practice I continue to refer patients to their PCP for these type of issues. I discuss with patients that primary care and health maintenance guidelines are continually changing and that their PCP is the expert in this field just as we are in oncology.

      Expert Nurse
      Avatar photoKrista Rubin

        I agree with Lisa. However, I find that many of the PCPs feel uncomfortable managing some issues and encourage the patient to see their oncology team. In the few instances I have time/opportunity to call the PCP directly to provide just a quick “heads up” – it is so appreciated by the PCP and then they feel more comfortable reaching out to us with any issues. Even with shared EHRs- a phone call really does go a long way as often they have to dig in the notes to figure out what a pt is receiving.

      Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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